Strategic Plan

Priority AreaRationaleInitiatives
Achieve exceptional outcomes with all tenants We are committed to delivering maximum value to our tenants, consistent with our mission. Success for our tenants is at the heart of what we do. Regardless of the source of funding, we have been entrusted with resources to do work that is valuable for our tenants and ultimately, for our community. 1. Achieve stated goals for transitional housing tenants.
2. Create new metrics to track success of affordable housing programs.
3. Capture client ‘success stories’ to ensure qualitative as well as quantitative results.
4. Ensure HUD programs achieve scores as Tier 1 programs per the Balance of State rankings.
Increase and diversify revenue streams Our historical reliance on governmental funding has put us at risk as availability of these funds have decreased and competition for them has increased. Government funding does serve a valuable purpose and our goal is to maintain this funding in the appropriate percentage to achieve a balanced funding portfolio.
The greatest opportunity for growth lies with acquiring and cultivating individual donors within our community who can see the direct impact of our services and encourage us as we seek to continually meet the needs of the Fox Cities.
1. Continue to build individual donor base.
2. Maintain current foundation support and grow new corporate/foundation relationships.
3. Use Valley HomeWorks as available to provide revenue stream.
4. Evaluate and implement changes to affordable housing program.
Improve operational efficiency In order to ensure that we maximize service to our tenants and make the best utilization of the capital entrusted to us by our funders, we must always strive to improve the efficiency of our operations. This includes all aspects of the operation: making our housing units efficient so that they are the most affordable to our tenants and to the Housing Partnership; ensuring that we fill vacant units quickly; performing maintenance in a timely manner and in a way that prevents future issues; and reducing time spent on routine reports or tasks so that staff time is focused on service delivery of our mission. 1. Maintain overall occupancy rate of at least 95%.
2. Create or revise key operational policies and procedures to ensure accuracy, timeliness, sustainability, and back-up.
3. Create dashboard to efficiently measure and communicate status on critical items.
4. Rebuild internal database.
5. Establish more predictive and responsive.maintenance procedures.
Grow operations in response to community need There are a number of metrics that point to the need for our services in the Fox Cities, including:
  • Over 8,000 households are cost-burdened in their monthly rent or mortgage payments
  • Shelters are frequently at capacity
  • The local school systems count over 600 homeless students per year.
  • Semi-annual Point-In-Time counts show over 300 homeless individual in the area
  • Our waiting lists typically have more than 60 families
  • Market rentals are constricted, with prices increasing and availability decreasing.
There is a greater need than ever for our services and we need to be able to respond to this growing demand for affordable housing and supportive services. In addition to addressing the community need for these services, a growing and dynamic Housing Partnership brings opportunity for increased volunteer opportunities, funder relationships, communication with community member, etc.
1. Understand community need through completion of homelessness research project.
2. Evaluate and initiate housing partnerships with other local agencies.
3. Evaluate and initiate transitional housing partnership with NAMI.
4. Expand ability to serve veterans via partnership with VFW and Fox Valley Veterans Council.
Create and implement new development strategy A new development strategy is at the heart of our operations and ultimately, our ability to achieve our goal of diversifying revenue streams. This strategy will allow us to integrate our outcomes, financials, and operating practices. It is more than a plan to raise money; it ends up being a reflection of who we are, what we do, and a testament to the real value of the services we provide. 1. Annually deliver three newsletters, and develop e-newsletter capability.
2. Annually deliver three appeal letters.
3. Initiate face-to-face events: donor appreciation breakfast and open house for prospective donors.
4. Enhance presence via increased public relations and social media activity.
5. Complete redesign of HP website.