Mission, Values, and History


The mission of the Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities is to enhance the dignity and self-sufficiency of families by providing quality, affordable homes and exceptional supportive services. We provide affordable homes, intensive case management, and comprehensive life skills training to families desiring to transition from homelessness to stable housing.


The Housing Partnership has four core values that ensure the organization’s mission is carried out throughout all activities.

We believe that poverty is a circumstance, not a value or moral judgment, which is positively altered through education, respectful support, and the opportunity for affordable housing. As such, we own and maintain over 90 quality housing units throughout the Fox Cities to provide housing for approximately 110 families each year. This housing capacity translates into dignified home environments for approximately 120 adults and 150 children annually.

We believe that families are most successful in breaking the cycle of poverty when provided the education and support to develop healthy living strategies that promote the financial, emotional, and physical health of each family member. Providing over 5,000 hours of supportive services every year, the Housing Partnership supports families in learning how to live responsibly, safely, and independently. Supportive services are individually tailored based on the needs of the family members and include: financial and health management, parenting education, job development training and support, childhood development support, and community resource education.

We believe that all individuals within the community are a part of a family and can therefore benefit from its program services. The families we serve come from current homelessness, are fleeing domestic violence, and/or are experiencing financial hardships that make independent housing difficult.

We believe that collaboration amongst service providers is crucial to ensuring the success of our community. The Housing Partnership formally participates in the Fox Cities Housing Coalition, a professional alliance of 28 agencies that address the community’s basic needs amongst a continuum of service providers. This partnership aims to eliminate redundant services and proactively identify holes or areas of bottleneck that are preventing the effective delivery of basic need solutions to the community.


Founded on April 21, 1987, the Housing Partnership originated from a group of community members who recognized that families experiencing homelessness and/or fleeing domestic violence did not have suitable housing available to them after leaving the emergency and crisis stabilization shelters. As a result, these families were at a heightened risk for substandard housing, returning to their previous unsafe housing arrangements, or remaining homeless.

To address this mounting community need, the Housing Partnership implemented their transitional and affordable housing programs with the goal of providing quality, safe, and affordable homes for families needing the next step of support. Almost 30 years later, the Housing Partnership has ten full time staff, two part-time staff, and owns and maintains over 90 units throughout Appleton and Neenah.

The organization provides transitional, longer-term, and permanent housing coupled with minimal to intensive supportive services based on the needs of the family. With focus on purchasing existing homes in poor condition, the Housing Partnership uses a volunteer workforce to renovate them into a dignified home environment. Families pay an affordable rentin line with their monthly income with focus on building healthy living skills and a positive rental history. Case management and life skills services are provided to ensure that all families have the emotional and educational foundation to promote a well-balanced home.


  • Community members found the Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities, recognizing that families experiencing homelessness and/or fleeing domestic violence did not have suitable housing available to them after leaving the emergency and crisis stabilization shelters. Original business plan focused on purchasing, renovating, and then selling homes to low-income families.


  • Four families move into homes in Appleton and are being served!


  • We expand into Neenah, making it our 17th property renovated to serve a family in need.


  • We receive CHDO, or Community Housing Development Organization, status. This federal recognition signifies that the Housing Partnership’s work in the community has been recognized and verified on a state level, providing the organization a chance to leverage local donor funding with additional state funding to increase the ability to purchase and produce affordable housing.


  • Celebrating 9 years of service, the Housing Partnership has rehabilitated over 40 homes in Appleton and Neenah and expanded to operatingthree programs: a home ownership program, an affordable rental program, and a transitional housing program.


  • Our first Executive Director, Jim Wenner, says farewell and receives Helen Heil Housing Memorial Award, given to an individual who contributes greatly to the development of affordable housing in our community.


  • Housing Partnership celebrates its 50th home!


  • Creation of Life Skills and Case Management Program to provide intensive support and education to families to enhance opportunities for success
  • Housing Partnership joins with Fox Valley Technical College to construct our first new property for affordable housing


  • We complete our 59th home renovation!


  • Housing Partnership strategically realigns to focus away from home ownership to providing quality affordable rental housing to the community. This change is in response to our community’s need for affordable rental opportunities.


  • We commence the construction phase of the “WireWorks” apartment building
  • Harbor House and Housing Partnership collaborate to create transitional housing specifically for families in need of housing due to domestic violence.


  • Transitional Housing Program expands to meet the needs in our community for affordable rental housing options for families exiting shelters and/or fleeing domestic violence.


  • Housing Partnership and COTS join together to provide affordable housing to individuals transitioning from COTS.
  • Housing Partnership partners with Ryan Community to begin the “It Takes a Village Program,” providing quality housing to individuals struggling with chronic homelessness. Ryan Community provides the intensive case management and support services.


  • Joe Mauthe is hired as the new Executive Director


  • Housing Partnership participates in the Fox Cities Housing Coalition's Project RUSH (Research to Understand and Solve Homelessness).


  • Housing Partnership joins with Fox Valley Veterans Council and the VFW Post 2778 to renovate a VFW home and provide transitional housing services to a veteran and his family on the verge of homelessness.



  • Housing Partnership assumes full programmatic responsibility for the "It Takes a Village" program, bringing on board two case managers to support the 20 program individuals.
  • Housing Partnership collaborates with the Fox Valley Warming Shelter, Homeless Connections, COTS, and the History Museum at the Castle to bring to life the exhibit  [In]visible: Homelessness in Appleton. Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch joins the agencies to tour the exhibit and learn about how the Fox Cities is addressing the mounting homelessness issue.

Lt. Govenor photo